Democratic Party Unity

Ok, so Hillary needs money. Obama has money. Obama needs votes from her supporters. Hmm.

Oh, I get it. That’s what that was all about. Makes sense.

I thought Obama had this thing wrapped up though. Why does he need her supporters’ votes? well, Dukakis had a lead going into the summer against Bush and lost it. So I guess it ain’t over until it’s over, right?

The media will have you think that this is all over with. That just shows you how dumb they think we are. Just remember this time a year from now when this is all over and the dust has settled (won’t that be nice?). Remember how the media was really pushing for one candidate over the other and how things seemed to be all well and good for this Messianic candidate. We’ll then know how things did not turn out how the media was pushing for.

It makes you think… if this really was wrapped up, then why would the media be pushing it so hard? Maybe they’re just pushing it so hard because it’s really not "in the bag" and they’re scared.


P.S. Notice how I can talk about the media and the Democratic Party interchagably.