Biden Grasping for Straws

Poor guy. He tried.

He was saying that McCain voted against funding for the troops. Yeah, he did because that bill included a timetable for withdrawl from Iraq – if the time was right or not. So it was good. The troops did eventually get the funding that was needed but McCain isn’t going to sign just any bill coming through – and that’s a good thing, so thanks for pointing that out.

Talk to the troops. They want to get the job done. I agree that there should be goals set but to give a definite withdrawl date is asinine. Obama even knows this and has flip flopped on it.

Then after Biden was citing the Constitution, he seemed to not understand that he and Obama are not running against George Bush. A President can only serve 2 terms. Look it up, it’s in there. Probably even in the Cliff Notes. Biden seemed to have a mantra going there for a little while talking about President Bush thinking he was running against Bush. He seems confused.

He didn’t refute his statement Palin brought up when Biden said that Obama was not fit to be President and the role of President does not lend itself to on the job training. So I think Biden sold out just to get on the ticket.

Palin controlled the debate. She’s a good debater. She dodged questions she didn’t want to answer and drilled home her strong points, talking over the moderator who has a book coming out about Obama and over Biden and straight to the American people – soccer / hockey moms to be exact. She even got people laughing a few times. She’s real. She’s not some stuffy politician and that showed in this debate which was not filtered by the media. Good job.

I suprisingly found 1 pretty good story out there:

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