A 10 Year Recovery for the GOP? Doubt it.

Here’s an article that’s popular on Digg at the moment but will be one we can look back at later and see that it was wrong:

More Losses in 2010 Could Push GOP to Brink of Collapse (www.eyesonobama.com)

It couldn’t happen again, right? Republicans have gotten slaughtered in two straight elections. 2006 saw a fifteen-seat majority in the House evaporate, leaving nothing behind but a minority of the same size. In the same year, a five-seat majority in the Senate turned into a 51-49 minority. Just two years later, Democrats delivered another crushing blow, taking an additional 21 seats in the House, and eight more in the Senate. In just two years, the GOP population on Capitol Hill decreased by 52 Representatives, and 14 Senators. In both houses, Republicans are dangerously close to being rendered politically irrelevant by supermajorities that could override any attempts to block Democratic legislation.

First of all, we’re still in "Obama Bliss Mode" at the moment. He has been in office like what? A week? The left wingers are so happy right now and so full of bliss. Obama can’t do any wrong. Things are so perfect… blah, blah, blah. Enjoy it while it lasts because it ain’t going to last too long. It will for a while, but Obama’s inexperience will shine though soon enough.

Second, the GOP was not slaughtered. Obama got 53% of the vote. That’s not a slaughtering.

But at this point, Republicans aren’t cohesively mounting any kind of new strategy. Instead, they’re the opposition party, attacking a stimulus plan that has overwhelming support among voters. The only difference between now and last year is that today, Republicans don’t have enough votes in Congress to block or even really stymie legislation in either House. That could get worse over the next two years.

Again, "at this point"…yes, we’re not even a month into the new leadership. Hello?

Give it time. They’re loading their guns still. Republicans know that for a new revolution to begin, they’re going to need some momentum. If they attack now (which wouldn’t be wrong), then they’re going to look like winers. I say step back (but still hold to our guns) and see what happens. It’s scary, yes – VERY scary, but the American voters won’t know what they’re missing until they get a healthy dose of the poison that Democrats spill (wow, there’s a line). Things will have to get worse before they get better, unfortunately. The nation will have to bottom out – but the only fear there is that things will get so bad that there could be no swift recovery. Things are looking that way already, which is why Republicans are beginning to react already.

That’s the long and short of it.

Time will tell and we’ll have to wait and see what happens. It’s really scary for us and we’re not going to take it lying down. We’ll mount an attack, be more bold and take back our nation. We’re getting sick of how things are and if we’re able to change things, we will. I’m speaking more about Conservatives than Republicans right now, actually.

I think things will get so bad with Democrats at the helm that the return of Conservative ideas will come much sooner than 10 years. Things move faster now. Information travels very fast – remember that.

Collapse? No, but we’re looking for a leader. That’s for sure.