2008 Presidential Election Prediction

Well, we're almost a year away from Presidential elections and things have been in full swing for a while now. Personally, I think it's the Democrats trying to rally up their base however they can (because they're desperate, of course). So here are some thoughts on why I think Hillary Clinton will not be elected President (not in any specific order):

  1. I've heard people I know sat that they think she will win. Yeah, she's doing a full-on media blitz and the mainstream media are eating it up and selling it to the masses, but people.. we are 1 year away from elections now. If she has to do so much right now, then this is out of desperation. People will be so sick of Hillary a year from now. The media may still choose her as a winner on election night, but they will be surprised.
  2. Empty wagons make the most noise, right? I think the candidate that will win is somewhat silent now. The ones causing the most stir (cough… Hillary) will have nothing new to say in a year.
  3. Nothing against women, but she would be this country's first woman President. She's got a tough battle here. When people are at the voting booth and are thinking about the safety of their kids and family with everything going on in the world, will they really pick a woman?
  4. Have you heard her laugh? Please… I do not want even 4 years of that.
  5. She's coming from Congress. People in congress are micro-managers. Presidents cannot govern in that matter. Governors make good Presidents in my opinion. Presidents have a lot to do and those that know how to delegate get a LOT more done.
  6. She's coming from Congress. Oops, did I say that already? Yeah, what has this Democratic congress done for us lately? Not a thing. Their rating is lower than the President. They were all fired up a year ago saying that they'd bring the troops home – but yet they have NOT been able to do that after many, many attempts. So all that was a bunch of hot air apprently.
  7. The surge of troops in Iraq IS working. Notice how that topic has settled down? That's because it's working, people. She's so anti-war now that in a year, when things have changed, she will have to go back on everything she says. Democrats change their minds depending on how the wind is blowing. Conservatives have set values and are more solid… ok, so that means they're not "progressive", well that's good, not bad! Progressive means wishy-washy.
  8. Hillary is not grounded in reality. She denies the whole Monica Lewinsky thing. Huh? Come back to reality, please? This kind of thing WILL come back to bite her. Truth does eventually come out. Your lies DO find you out. And the cream does rise to the top. She's only kidding herself if she things she's above these kinds of natural laws.

So far my favorite is Thompson. I think he's being quiet now for a reason. He'll turn it on when he needs to, I'm sure. He's the tough kind of guy that we need running the show. He'll also have the support of the people because, like Reagan, he knows how to communicate. Bush is actually pretty smart, but just terrible at communicating, so he easily looks like a dope – I get that. But this will help Thompson look all that much better.

We're looking for a candidate that is strong, tough, doesn't care what people say about them and is above all, smart. I think America will someday fail since history tells us that all great nations do, but there's plenty of tread left on the tires. Let's not mess this up.