Still Loving the RSX!

My car is great. It’s so "me".

I found a new feature on Friday. Yeah, I’ve had it over 2 years now and I just found this out… the wipers sense when to come on when it’s in intermittant mode! I thought that was only a feature on German or European cars, but the boys in Japan figured it out, too.

I may have just noticed it now since I recently got the wiper blades changed. Doing that probably made the difference. We got all that snow on Friday for a new hours and I was wondering why my wipers were not on when I was at a stoplight after I knew I just saw them going a few seconds ago. Then I started moving and they started going again – cool! I was cracking up that I just found this out. Crazy.

For a birthday present to myself this year, I got the windows tinted on it. It’s very nice. AND, did I mention that when I got the hail damage fixed in September, they also fixed some other dings that were there?? It looks brand new and my deductible was only $100 for all that work – praise God!

What’s next? Well, she needs a new battery and probably new brake pads soon – so that’s first, but I was thinking a new warm / cold air intake. I hear it adds a few horsepower and gives the engine a little growl. Plus, it looks really cool when you look under the hood – and it saves you money on air filters since you can just wash it.