Heading to the Track Again

I’ll be heading to the track again next week. I’ve been driving the MR2 for the last week and now I’ve switches back to the RSX so that I can get used to driving it.

It’s funny how skiing and racing have some similarities. You get trained or take a lesson and then you have some things to work on. That’s true with about any sport, I suppose. With race driving, I’m working on some things in my normal driving. For instance, I’m making sure that I’ve downshifted before I enter a turn. I also am more conscious of my hand position on the wheel as I turn. As I mentioned, I’m also learning to double clutch as well.

It’s not as easy to work on driving the line in normal driving simply because you can’t really hog the road and start your turns wide. One thing they said in the race driving class last month was that you need to throw out many of the rules that you’ve learned in driver’s ed a long time ago. It’s true, so there are so many things you can work on in normal driving and for the rest, you need track time.

If the weather is good this time, then I should get 2 hours or more of time on the track. That’s a lot of time on a 2 mile track. Many laps. It’ll be nice if it’s warm and sunny but hot would kind of suck since you have to wear long sleeves, long pants and a helmet when you’re on the track.

I’ll try to get some more pictures and video this next time and then post them here again. I also hope I can drive a Lotus Elise this time. I’ll have to try to talk one of the owners into letting me take theirs out for a few laps if those guys are there this time. Last time, one instructor had one and one other student did. I’ve kind of got my eye on one of those. More on that another time.

2005 Lotus Elise

Wish me luck!