Got Some Summer Tires

I found a great deal on Craig’s List yesterday afternoon. I got 4 Goodyear Eagle tires with like 6000 miles on them on steel rims for $150 with Honda wheel covers. That’s $37.50 a tire!

So I’ll put my winter tires (Blizzaks) onto these steel wheels, put the Goodyears on my alloy rims, get them balanced and then I’ll have a summer set and a winter set of tires. Nice! I can change them myself and I won’t have to worry about some nicer wheels getting trashed in the winter. Both sets should last me like 5 years or more.

I was thinking about winter tires and it makes sense to get them. Say that you get 50,000 miles on a set of tires (sometimes you get more but with the way I drive, the 50,000 mile life is about average). So after 100,000 miles you’ve gone through 2 sets of tires, right? You could have done that on 2 sets of all-season tires or you could have done it on 1 set of winter tires and 1 set of summer tires. The winter tires will easily get you through the Wisconsin snow and ice and the summer tires are higher performance tires (or in my case, all-season – which is fine). So why not? Be safer. My folks did that this last winter, too, but they just have 1 set of wheels, so they just pay a few bucks to have the tires switched twice a year – that’s cool, too.

It took me about a week of checking Craig’s List a few times a day to score that deal but it was worth it. I’m glad I was patient and I’m glad the Big Guy was looking after me.