Driving an RSX

A few years ago, I bought my first new car. Well, it wasn’t a car, it was a Jeep Wrangler. It was kinda cool buying it although the experience wasn’t what I expected since I bought it at a dealer who just got the Jeep line and didn’t know what they were doing… I pretty much had to fight to get all the parts that it was supposed to come with – like the soft top. They almost didn’t give it to me.

Anyway, with buying that Jeep, I got to do the "Jeep wave" where if you see another Wrangler (or sometimes other Jeeps) the drivers wave at each other. Harleys and maybe some other motorcycles do this, too I know. That was fun and I missed that when I traded it in for my Acura RSX. I just had to get back to a sports car though – that’s where my heart was even though I liked the Wrangler a lot… it just didn’t corner like I wanted.

There aren’t too many RSXs out there. Acura stopped making them (2006 was the last year, I believe) which makes you see even fewer of them. Even before that, you still didn’t see too many of them. Sometimes I’d count 3-4 in a day, which was rare and in between about 6 days of seeing none at all.

Lately, when I see one – we catch each others’ eyes and give a wave and a smile. I had one, just like mine, pass me getting onto the Interstate from the Beltline going west (north) and he/she beeped at me a few times. That was cool. It’s fun having a car that you know the drivers that drive them appreciate.

I kind of think that the RSX will become one of those cars that will become a collector car – kind of like those late 80s / early 90s Toyota Supras. I’d like to keep mine and try to get it back to mint condition and then hold onto it when I buy another car in a few years. That’d be cool. The fact that they’ve stopped making them will help bring them to that collector status sooner, I think.

Happy Driving!