Automotive Track Day at Blackhawk

This was the second time I’ve gone there and my second time ever on a track. It was great. We had awesome weather (in the 70s and sun).

RSX at the Race Track 

I was registered in the Intermediate group but I sat in on the Novice lesson again and took the first session with them. That was a good refresher. I then ran with the Intermediates after that. It turned out that I was sort of the low man on the totem pole with about the lowest powered car. I was up against some pretty beefy cars but I had fun. I just let them pass and worked on my driving.

I really think that I need to upgrade to racing brakes on the front. That’s going to be the best upgrade I can do. I’ll have more confidence in them and it’ll totally change how I drive that track. I’ll need racing rotors, calipers and pads. They’ll enable me to brake later and give me more control. A lot of race driving is about braking. I don’t know what a pro would call the percentage but I would say it’s over half of it for sure.

The morning sessions weren’t that great for me since I was getting passed so much. I couldn’t really help it, I thought. In the afternoon, I know I learned more by watching what the people passing me were doing and how they were driving and my driving definitely improved. By the end of the day, I was really satisfied with my performance and improvement. I know I gained a lot of time. Better brakes will do that even more, so I plan to get that done on the RSX.

I would like to take the MR2 out there but I think I’ll wait. I just got used to knowing where to shift this car and don’t want to start all over. I need to work on driving and putting another car in the equation will not really help me.

The guys with the Lotus Elises were not there this time. Oh well.

I funniest part of the day was in the afternoon when a turtle was trying to cross the track. I saw him on one lap and was able to go over him and not hit him. By the time 6 other cars encountered him and I got around again, he was toast. With each lap after that, there was less and less of him there. Poor thing. In the wrong place at the wrong time.