2012 Ford Focus

Ford Focus Wagon 2012

I saw one of these on the road the other day. It was the Ford Focus wagon Platinum edition and it was yellow. It looked pretty darn cool! I thought that it would be a fun car to take out on the track. Ford seems to be coming up with some better design lately and they are also more reliable than they used to be as well – go Ford! I believe they didn’t take any government money either, so go Ford again!

Here’s some pictures of the one I made online. I forgot the price but it was near $30k. For me, I’d rather almost get a used Lotus Elise for that much cash, so I don’t plan on getting one but here’s the one I would get.

I really like the lines. Very aero-dynamic looking and it looks tough, too. With the interior, they’ve done a nice job with that as well and I like the options available. Whatever my next car is, it will have to have heated seats – for sure. A must-have in Wisconsin, I think. Just watch, I’ll get that and then move to Arizona or something. :-)

I do look forward to seeing more of these on the road – and I do like the 5-door sport wagon more than the coupe for some reason. More sporty looking – it probably has a higher center of gravity though.