Will Snowplowing in Madison Stink This Year?

It seems the City of Madison is cutting back a bit on snowplowing. Here is what it says on their website:

Snow Plowing

The City of Madison limits the amount of salt that is applied to its streets as an effort to protect its groundwater and the quality of the lakes. Only main arterials, thoroughfares, main connector streets, Madison Metro bus routes, streets surrounding hospitals and schools and major hills and curves are salted. All other City of Madison streets receive sand to act as an abrasive on hills, intersections and curves.

The snow fell over 24 hours ago and there are lots of streets that I saw today that are ice covered. The sun is out today, so it’ll melt a little and then re-freeze tonight. I’m just wondering how many more accidents or deaths this new policy could create. We’re not northern Wisconsin where there are roads surrounded by lots of trees and not many cars where you’re prepared for it and take your chances. We’re a city. There are lots of people here. Lots of cars, buses, bikes and trucks driving around. We’ll see what happens this season but I want to go on the record of seeing this potential problem and I feel sorry for anyone who may get hurt or lose a loved one because of this policy.

I really don’t get this city and county. The environmentalists have clearly taken over Madison and Dane County – we know that. Their utopia is to have everyone live in high rises downtown, all compacted into one place. They favor the environment over humans. The earth is more important than the safety of man – that’s their whole foundation (which I totally disagree with). So they want to put everyone downtown and only take care of the main roads – not roads where people aren’t packed on top of each other – even though we all pay taxes for the streets. It’s all in the name of protecting the lakes and environment. I’m all for clean lakes but not at the health and safety of humans. Priorities are completely out of whack.

How many people would have to die before this plowing policy would change? And how many more people’s ignored cries for help from the 911 center will it take to fix that?



I like this (just heard on Vicki’s show)… the roads are so bad from not plowing that people will go buy an SUV, which is “bad for the environment” so there’s NO net “savings” for the environment. Duh.

And people can’t drive:

Traffic team deputies hear plenty of excuses from speeders