Madison Metro Billboard

So I saw a billboard on Highway 51 this morning for Madison Metro. It said something like "Cure your addiction to oil" where they’re trying to get you to ride the bus, I guess.

First, I’m not addicted to oil. Oil is a commodity. It powers my car. For me, the $2 per gallon I pay is a worthwhile investment for where my car takes me. I feel like I profit. Just like a baker needs flour, my car needs gas. For the baker, they profit because they can do something with flour that people want.

Second, it’s my tax dollars that are partially funding that sign. I don’t like that. It’s OK to advertise for the bus system, but I can’t believe I’m paying for that message which is supposed to somehow put me on a guilt trip or something.

Third, who is riding the bus? The vast majority are people who don’t have a car, don’t want to pay for downtown parking or students. The big target audience is not people who feel guilty for using a car to get somewhere 10 times faster than a bus would – so the ad is political. Why should my tax dollar pay for a political ad? It should pay for a billboard that does strict advertising to promote the benefits of riding the bus to the largest target market.

I know this post won’t do much but I had to vent. Everyone is drinking the "green" Kool-aid it seems. Snap out of it, people!