I’m Voting Mistele!

Since I’ve become a home owner back in 2006, I’ve paid a LOT more attention to politics. You start really seeing your property tax bill and it’s a shocker – versus living in an apartment, where you’d still paying property tax but you don’t see it.

And lately, it seems like politicians everywhere are drinking the Kool-aid and passing insane policies. I wonder if I’m still living in America.

Although the Federal Government is doing crazy things, what’s even more important are local elections. You’ve got the Governor, County Executive and Mayor that really matter when it comes to your property tax money. So since we’re all paying property taxes in some way, these local elections should matter a lot.

  • Do you want to vote for a candidate that wants to put in a billion dollar train between Middleton and Burke and have the whole county pay for it while only a few people use it?
  • Do you want to vote for a candidate that keeps running for other offices while she’s your County Executive?
  • Do you want to vote for a candidate that doesn’t pay enough attention to public safety to the point where emergency 911 calls get ignored and people die?

If you’ve answered "no" to these common sense questions, then vote Nancy Mistele and get Kathleen Falk out of our lives.