Fine to Open Your Car Door in Madison

Again, this is just backwards, people!

Madison City Council passes ‘door ordinance,’ strengthens snow removal rules (

Failing to check for a passing bicyclist before opening your car door on a Madison street could result in a $100 fine. The City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday that imposes the fine and also sets a $50 fine for those who leave the door of a parked vehicle open facing traffic for too long. State lawmakers are considering similar legislation that would also eliminate a law requiring bicyclists to ride at least three feet from a parked vehicle, which can force them into traffic.

I blogged about this before when it was still being considered (Opening Your Car Door in Madison Illegal) and my point was that if you’re getting out of your car, you are a pedestrian – not a car. So when that happens, bicyclists who are moving faster than you have the right of way. So yeah, they better put in the 3 foot rule – then if they do that, the roads aren’t wide enough downtown. Oh, and yeah… they want to add in a train rail on the Isthmus, too. What?

So who is going to be enforcing this law? Do police want to do that or catch this parka bandit that’s robbing places?

If you’re on a bike (and I sometimes to bike when it’s warm), you should have the common sense to not ride so close to cars or else watch better. I know, it’s not easy but life isn’t always easy, ok? You’re a biker against a pedestrian at that point and you need to be careful! Duh.

So as you get into your Prius Community Car in downtown Madison, sipping your herbal tea, wearing your Birkies with that smug grin on your face, you now can get fined if you happen to forget something in the house and open your car door again and nail someone riding a bike. You didn’t even drive anywhere. You could be a 10 year old kid getting something from the car for your parents even – too bad!

Yeah, people are getting so stupid that we need the government to hold our hands to do anything. Insane! It’s Socialism.


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