You Need a Mac When…

You know you need a Mac instead of a PC when:

  1. You call your email program "My Outlook" instead of just "Outlook". Microsoft puts "my" in front of everything for some reason. So change your outlook on life and computers and switch.
  2. You use the worst web browser in the world… Internet Explorer. They stopped making it for the Mac since I guess they found out Mac users knew better and have a better browser to use (if you’re a web developer, you HATE IE with a passion).
  3. You watch Mac users get great upgrades to the operating system when you’re afraid to "upgrade" to Windows Vista because it doesn’t seem to work and requires too much computing power. I heard that the core of the operating system for Windows is over a gigabyte of space. For the Mac, it’s only 100MB, so they can use the same operating system on the iPhone, in iPods and everywhere. Windows needs to create an entirely different system for the phones, etc. Bad!
  4. Plugging something into 1 USB port works but when you plug the same thing into the other USB port by accident causes Windows to panic and search for your "new hardware" and install it… again.
  5. Bill Gates’s salary: billions. Steve Jobs’ salary: zero.

Switch already! :-)