Windows 7 Vs. Mac OS 10?

The new version of Microsoft Windows will be Windows 7. It seems like Windows is behind. :-)

They’re trying to cover up the Vista snafu, but it doesn’t seem like it will work:

Under the Hood, Windows 7 Is Vista’s Twin

Bottom line: So far, Windows 7 looks, behaves, and performs almost exactly like Windows Vista. And it breaks all sorts of things that used to work just fine under Vista.

I saw a Vista commercial yesterday about how people were amazed that they could schedule times to be logged into the computer for their kids. What? That’s been on a Mac for how long now?

I still run Windows XP on my PC at home. I love my Mac SO much more. I saw someone get mad at their laptop last week that was running Vista. Printer driver problems. The consensus is that Vista sucks.

Yeah, they’re trying to catch up to Apple and not doing too well, it seems, even with a redux of Vista. At least call it something besides "Windows 7" since Apple is up to 10.5. Duh.