Snow Leopard Kicking Butt

FinderI love working on a Mac. The thing just works. While my Windows PC gets slower and slower, the Mac just keeps going strong. Snow Leopard, the new operating system (like going from Windows 98 to XP for all you Windows people) has some great feature. One thing in particular really stood out to me:

Smaller footprint.

Snow Leopard takes up less than half the disk space of the previous version, freeing up about 7GB for you – enough for about 1,750 more songs or a few thousand more photos.

So by installing an upgrade, you free up 7GB of space. Wow. That would never happen with Windows. It’s going to be faster and there are a lot more upgrades, too. I can’t believe it’s only $30. Yay, Apple!

Their operating system runs on their own hardware – so there are less problems on Macs. I like that. Kick butt!


Ok, it seems I spoke too soon. I’ve had numerous problems with Snow Leopard already:

  1. Mail is all jacked up. They changed it too much and now I have to get used to how to write messages all over again. I hate this. I find that I have to keep a plain text editor open all the time now to sanitize text in my clipboard. This sucks.
  2. I was having problems pasting from Firefox to Dreamweaver all of a sudden. I’m not sure if this is an OS X thing or a Firefox thing. That sucks, too. It slows me down a lot.
  3. MS Word now doesn’t want to print when I click the print icon. It complains about the printer. I go to the print window and it works fine. One more step there, now, too. Sucks.
  4. The Finder seems slower to me, not faster. I like the old one.
  5. Printing from Mail is slow. It takes 5 second or more for the Print pane to show.
  6. When printing to PDF the name of the file no longer appears there automatically. You have to manually copy and paste it in now (?) – another extra step.

There were a few more things. If I remember them, I’ll add them above. It just seems like everything is taking an extra step – so in a lot of way, Snow Leopard has taken a step backwards. Not cool. I’m glad it was only $29 but now that doesn’t even seem worth it. I hope they come out with fixes.


Another update.

  • I got printing in Word working again.
  • Scanning is way easier now. I love it once I figured it out.
  • I think pasting from Firefox to Dreamweaver is a Firefox issue but I can’t find anyone else having the problem.


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