iPhone Wish List

I really like my iPhone and all it does. It’s great that new features are coming out. It looks to me like Steve Jobs and the team planned this on an architecture so that features can be added. So here is my wishlist of features and fixes that are needed:

  1. Send voicemail via email. I want to be able to take what’s in my voicemail and email to my work computer when a client calls my cell phone instead of my work phone. Or some kind of sync with iTunes may work, but making them to-do items would work better since I use Mail so much.

  2. We need some better way to get access to the screen when on a phone call. This really sucks. I’m on the phone, need to type in a number, look at the phone, no display. I turn it up and down, nothing. Oh, there it was for a microsecond. I’m not that fast. I have to listen to see if I can still enter numbers, no the recording is saying something else now, I missed it. Ugh!!
  3. My own ringtones. I hear this is coming.
  4. Widgets. Make it so people can make their own or so developers can. This might be coming, too.
  5. Back to My Mac. Boy would that be cool!

(more to come maybe)