If You Don’t Have an iPhone, You’ll Want One Soon

Back on March 6, 2008, Steve Jobs and Apple announced that they would be providing an SDK for the iPhone to developers. What does that mean? Well, it means that people/software companies will be able to create applications/programs for the iPhone. Why is this cool? Well, the iPhone’s operating system is like a mini version of the Mac OSX operating system, which is quote powerful. So, in a nutshell, your iPhone is going to soon become a mini laptop with all the great software that will be available.

It sounds like we’ll start seeing some things in June, but I expect by October, there will be a wide range of programs available – probably things you never dreamed would be on a phone.

Apple is also making the iPhone more enterprise friendly. This means you can use it to connect with a Microsoft Exchange server. This is a feature business users have been wanting for a while and have so far only been able to use inadequate "smart phones" that run a mobile version of Windows.

In my opinion, there’s a silent revolution going on here. Apple’s in the right place for it, too. Computing has really slowed down with Microsoft in the lead so far. Computing should be far more advanced than it is right now. You can even see so far that Microsoft Vista was a flop. Apple’s on its way to provide that solution and get us back on track. Just watch.