Good Job, Apple. Here’s More.

Well, the iPhone has had some nice improvements with the last software update. It’s now a bit louder and the keypad doesn’t disappear so often. I wasn’t able to get the keypad to show up the other day, so there’s still a little work to do but it’s getting better.

Here’s another one… how about idiot proofing Apple Mail so that accounts don’t remove all the email that you need to keep (yeah, I’m the idiot here). One minute, you’re trying to fix your email accounts since the mail server’s confused with 2 accounts named "tony" and the next minute everything in my inbox is gone. Not in the trash, not in some other folder – just gone. Not cool. Yeah, there’s a text warning that you don’t bother to read but that’s not enough.

Oh and make pasting into an email easier. I always have to convert text to plain text and then paste it in or else it won’t let me remove extra spacing that somehow gets inserted. 

I’m excited about how much more I’ll be using the iPhone this year once all those 3rd party apps come out. There’s also a rumor that 3G connectivity will be a software upgrade. Let’s hope for that. That’d be great. Good planning.