Dump Credit Card Debt

Here’s a good article I found today:

Dump Your Credit Card Debt, But Keep Your House

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by debt — credit cards, medical bills, mortgage payments, etc.– and especially if you’re being hounded by collection companies, your best option is to make an appointment with a nonprofit credit counseling service. In exchange for agreeing to a budget plan, they’ll contact creditors for you and hopefully buy you more time to pay your bills.

That’s sound advice. I was able to use a credit counseling service after college to get rid of the debt I had. They brought my interest rates down to 0% in some cases and gave me 1 monthly payment that I could pay. It worked really well. I felt good about paying what I promised to pay and I got rid of that debt. I highly suggest using a debt counseling service like the one I used: CareOne.