Lifest 2008

We had a great time up at Lifest. There were a lot of people and some really great shows. There was a cool spirit there as well… it seemed like the artists and groups really felt a response from the crowd.

Two great shows for me were Superchick and Stephen Curtis Chapman. Superchick was really impressed with the crowd and they had more fun. I can relate to that – you play a show and if you don’t get much response, then you don’t play as well even though you have to be the one leading everything. Things just do a 180 when the crowd is really into it.

The Stephen Curtis Chapman show was amazing because it was his first show after his daughter was killed. I think it maybe helped him that he was playing at a festival instead of just a show that was just for him. It maybe took some of the pressure off. The crowd did a candle light vigil type of thing for him, which was cool, too.

We did have to weather 2 pretty strong storms out in our tents. Kinda crazy. The 2nd one was worse which had 70 mph winds associated with it. We nailed down our tents and got in our cars for that one as we watched it come in on radar (cell phones are great that way). The cool thing was, the storm actually broke up before it hit Oshkosh and then joined back up after it got past us. It went right around and we only got the mild part of it.

I was kind of disappointed with the selection of artists and bands this year. I remember last year, we’d rush back to our camp, eat and then have to rush back to catch the next big show that we wanted to see. That was definitely not the case this year. You’d think with a 10th anniversary, they would have had more. It was still good though. I just expected more.