How to Audition on Americal Idol

Ok, we all love "Idol", right? I love these first episodes showing all the people who tried and didn’t make it. I’m just so surprised every year how it seems like someo of the people there haven’t even seen the show or don’t get it. So for all of you, here are some tips:

  1. The music business is a business. Duh. This is first and foremost because just about all the other points here relate to this. If you get this point, this will all make sense.

    They want someone who they can market – meaning, someone that they want to invest their time and money in and get a very sizable return on that investment. This person has to fit in with the current pop culture and also stand out amongst that crowd.

    If you don’t have a beginner or intermediate understanding about business, you might not make it, sorry.

  2. Don’t wear crazy costumes. They want to see you and your singing, not you as something else. Be yourself. If you’re hiding something, then you’re probably not ready for this… but keep doing it, it’s very entertaining for the rest of us.
  3. Don’t trust your friends and family. Ya gotta love them, but they have a tendency to tell you what you want to hear sometimes – mainly, your singing voice. Parents are always proud of their kids, which is great, but they’re biased. It’s their job to encourage you, which is good – we all need that but after they’ve done that, go to a vocal coach, take at least one lesson just to get their opinion.
  4. You must be able to handle rejection. To get to the top, you must be able to keep going when someone tells you that you stink. Everyone that’s up there now can handle rejection. If blowing up in a tyrant of colorful speech is your reaction to someone telling you that that you need to improve on your singing, then you’re not the kind of person that they are going to want to work with. Would you do that at a job interview and expect to get the job?
  5. Sing and be entertaining, but be professional about it. The best singers on the show grab your attention and aren’t dancing around trying to distract you from their voice. Let your voice do the work but also just don’t stand still – get into it.
  6. Look your best. Don’t try to make a point that pop stars don’t need to look good right now. Save that for later. This is an interview, so look your best. Don’t go too flashy on your clothes because, again, they want to see you. A little makeup, tanning and facial scrub can do wonders. You’re competing against others, so you need to shine. Look at what Clay Aiken did – he improved his image (kind of) and that did wonders.
  7. When they say stop, just stop. If you act desperate, it’s way past over – forget about it.

So again, it’s business. You’re the product. Sell yourself, but be real. Or don’t and keep us all very entertained as you stomp off losing – you’ll at least get on TV that way. :-)


Also: Read "The Idol Life" by a guy I know, Russ Breimeier.