Christian Rock is… Rocking

I’m so glad that I get LCC’s 97x station here in the east side of Madison. It’s great music, hardly any commercials and it’s music that I like and wouldn’t have otherwise had much exposure to. It’s helped me realize how great Christian Rock really is. It’s like nothing else out there.

I’m talking about groups like Alabaster Box, Eowyn, Illia, Two Empty Chairs, Mute Math, The Afters and many others. Some of this is a little harder rock that I’ve normally listened to, but they’re really good and a lot like classical music.

I’ll be heading up to Oshkosh, WI for a few days of Lifest this week. Some of these groups will be there, so I’m looking forward to seeing a few groups that might not be on the main stage. My favorite show last year by far was Skillet. I’ve been a fan of theirs for years but I was just blown away by their sound. It was so full. The strings they threw in, even though on a synth, just filled things up and it was borderline classical music if you ask me. The sound was so good, it was like having headphones on and the venue was basically a horse stable – minus the horse apples, thankfully.

Last year it rained a few times so hopefully things will be a little drier this time – although the rain wasn’t bad at all and things dried out quickly. I’ll give a report when I get back.