The “God Broadcast”

Something that I and others have noticed is how God seems to send the same message to everyone. What I mean is, when I’ve gone from the U.S. to India and gone to churches in each place, I’ve heard a very similar message on the same, exact theme. So, no – that can’t be on purpose. That’s the Holy Spirit, baby!

At first, I thought it was just me. That God was just telling me certain things but that’s not true. God does tell all his people the same thing sometimes so that we can all work together. Sure, he tells me personal things, but it’s not all personally for me.

So something I’ve been hearing lately from all over is how it’s not all about me / us. This is good. We’re here on Earth to do God’s work. Don’t take everything so personal – like I just said above how I thought all messages were maybe just for me. We’ve surrendered to God, so we’re here to do whatever God wants (what I’ve always seen as David’s heart). Right now isn’t about us. It’s about God.

Another thing is, when bad things happen, don’t automatically think that God planned it that way. We don’t know that. We know so little – just a small portion of what’s going on and so often cast our own judgment on everything. Ever play those games when you were a kid where they show you just a small picture of something and you have to guess what it is? Life is the same way. And I don’t believe that God wants bad things to happen. I don’t buy into the phrase "it was just God’s will" because no, He didn’t intend for bad things to happen. That wasn’t the original plan. We live in a fallen world, stuff happens – like the famous bumper sticker (think Forrest Gump but replace "stuff" with another word). Hey, the world has figured that much out… why haven’t we as Christians?

From the movie, Evan Almighty, I like it when Evan tells God what he wants. God just laughs and says something like, "Since when do you know what’s good for you?" I like that. We think we know so much when actually really know nothing. God looks at how we say we want things and it’s just funny to Him. Like a kid saying that he doesn’t want to eat food anymore, just rocks and dirt. That’s silly.

A favorite phrase of mine is: "don’t sweat the petty things (and don’t pet sweaty things)." Don’t you just admire the people that can do that? I say stop adminiring and make it a goal. I will.

One more thing… driving in India is SO much different than here in the U.S. It’s total chaos and by our standards, backward. You get cut off every 5 seconds by someone and there’s constant horn use but it’s to tell others where you are – not really because you’re mad (although sometimes I’ve noticed it’s for that, too). In the U.S. if you get cut off, you get really mad, right? Expectations in each place are different. Even though India driving is so chaotic, there’s something to be learned about expectations.

So don’t sweat the petty things, think that your way is better than God’s way and blame God for everything that’s bad. Lighten up. Know that good or bad, God’s still there. God can turn any situation into something good if we let Him – He’s that powerful. If you get through a tough situation without shaking your fist at God, you might just be a better person for it and be able to help someone else through that situation. Now doesn’t that seem more like our purpose? To love and help one another? Yep – that’s called "ministry". Go find yours this week.