Sunday Symposium in Madison

It’s cool when Christians are involved with the local community, policies and issues. We’re here, so we might as well do God’s work, right? Of course involvement can sometimes be taken too far (in my opinion) but this country was founded on Christian principles and in order to stay that way, we need to be involved. The more involvement at the local level, the better because that’s where it starts and matters the most.

This very thing happened last Sunday. Here’s the report from

Where Do Christians Go From Here? A Sunday Symposium

About two dozen people attended the symposium at Crossroads Church, on Madison’s southeast side.

"I pray that we will not be overwhelmed by the forces of secularism and godlessness," pastor Pritchard said, in his opening remarks, discussing challenges that have been mounted against religious elements of this month’s presidential inauguration ceremony in Washington D.C. "We still have our religious liberty, but the climate is changing," said pastor Dobie, as he discussed America’s religious heritage, going back to the Mayflower Compact.

"You are setting an example for others to follow," Julaine Appling told pastor Pritchard. "No matter how old you are, there are biblical examples to follow." Stressing that more Christians should get involved in public policy issues, Appling said, "We have lots of seats at the table at every level of government. We had men of faith as our founders. Now we have too many faithless men [in government].

Pastor Dobie urged people to write letters to officials of University Hospital and the University of Wisconsin on their recently announced plans to expand abortion services in Madison. "This process hurts people and the church needs to speak out," said pastor Dobie.

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