Email to a Friend

Here’s an email I sent to a friend of mine today…

Wow, check out this sermon at Family Chapel by Pastor Shane Holden.

Last week at LCC was a great sermon by Pastor Derrick. It’s all about loving people. That’s ALL we’re supposed to do. That’s it. God does the rest. This sermon by Shane says the same thing but even more – even better (or in a different way), I think. He’s our age and gets us, I think. He’s very down to earth, too.

For me, I just look back and what I thought church and Christianity was growing up and not that it wasn’t good, but it wasn’t quite on track. It was way too religious. The first point Shane brings up here is that all these churches now want to be that 2nd chapter of Acts church, blah, blah, blah. Well, that first church didn’t have some church model or books to read or anything – people just loved each other and put others before themselves and it changed the world. It’s simply said but not easy to do – I know that but having to just focus on that does seem easier to me, at least.

We just need to love God and love others. The devil wants to make you think that you need to be perfect before coming to God and he has succeeded drilling that message into our heads through religious churches. It’s wrong. God wants us as we are. When we love others, take the focus off of ourself, then God can change us and it just happens automatically and it’s a lot less work. It’s a lot less painful and it lasts, it’s permanent. It’s just like how fad diets don’t work – you have to live it for it to work.

And then as we love others, they get to know the same thing and can be free. It starts with our attitude. We need to be humble. It’s a choice and it’s hard to do but it transforms situations, reduces stress and again, lets God work and then the cool stuff happens.