Global Warming a Tax on the Poor

It seems to me that since the government wants to pass legislation (after the election, of course) to "get us back to 1990 levels" (which, who are we to say that we know what levels of the earth are best – Greenland used to be green, after all – so things were much warmer at one point, we know), then there will be new taxes of course, right?

So it’s going to cost more to live because taxes will get passed on to us. The cost of goods will go up, too. People with good jobs will demand more pay. If you don’t have a good job, you’re probably not as rich (poorer) and you will feel the effect of these taxes.

All in the name of a hoax. Something that has not been proven, can’t be proven and is just the earth going through cycles – that’s all. Don’t kill our economy, please.