Sign the Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi

Well, the Democratic party is on vacation. Nancy Pelosi’s out on a book signing tour or something but the Republicans have been sitting in Congress waiting to vote on a new energy bill. They’ve been there 10 days so far. I’m not sure if they’ve turned the lights back on that Pelosi ordered be turned off, but they’re there – waiting to find a solution instead of wait 5 weeks.

Republicans are encouraging everyone to call their Representative. I’ve sent a nasty email to Tammy Baldwin since she represents me (technically, I guess – I don’t think she really represents me very well or she’d be in there voting right now).

Another thing to do is to sign an online letter which will be sent to her. You can do it right here:

Sign the Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi

Please sign it to show Democrats that we’re sick of high fuel prices and want some real answers to this problem now instead of pipe dreams.