Obama Was Against Drilling Before He Was For It

In the first debate, Obama said he was for offshore drilling. Before that, he was for tire gauges and never for offshore drilling. His party is against it too.


I guess if you’re Obama, you just say what sounds good at the time. All talk, no walk. That’s not "slick" at all, it’s sick… sick that he doesn’t know what he stands for. Look this up people – this post isn’t "spin" and not a lie or anything. It’s true. You can’t make this stuff up. Obama keeps getting funnier and funnier. He’s totally unelectable.

Ok, changing your mind when the facts change is one thing, but this is a big flip flop when you’re just so blatently against something and then for it. He does not pander to what polls say or he does not listen to the American people – which is it? A President should know the difference, I’d think.