High Fuel Price Problem Solved!

Please read this: Candidate calls for a national independence initiative at rally

Here are some excerpts:

The presumed Democratic nominee said authorizing oil companies to drill for more domestic oil and gas in Alaska and off coastal shores will not solve the country’s energy crisis.

So Obama says no drilling. Getting more oil won’t solve the demand on oil. What kind of logic is that?

"We can either choose a new direction or we can keep on doing the same things we’ve been doing," he told the crowd of cheering supporters.

Right. So the plan on the table by Republicans is to drill now while other alternatives are also found. Obama seems to be an extremist saying things are all one way or another. How about a little creativity to solve problems? No?

While speaking about the need to conserve energy, Obama told supporters they need to have regular tuneups on their car and check their tire pressure in order to ensure they’re not wasting energy.

Oh, here’s the solution! He did it! Wow!

I like how on Rush, he went and got his car tuned up and tire pressure checked and the price of gas was the same before and after he had this done. :-) Ok, that’s not what Barack Hussein Obama said, but it illustrates the point that Obama thinks he has a plan but really doesn’t have a practical plan. Yes, doing those things helps but not enough. It’s not a real solution. Don’t we want a real solution? All of his solutions to this problem are just that: not enough.

I don’t get how by becoming President you need to solve every possible problem that could come up by yourself. Ok, like with my job – yes, I know a lot about website design and development but I don’t know everything and that’s fine. But if someone comes up with a question that I don’t have the answer to, I’ll tell them that I’ll find out and I might, after prefacing that, say what I think the answer could be – still with the promise of finding out the real answer. That’s ok to do, we do that all the time and I’m just talking something small (in the greater scope of running the world) like website design.

But if you’ve had time to think, research and come up with a plan for a particular problem (as any good Presidential candidate would definitely do), then you better have the right plan. You better have consulted with experts and others that know more about this than you do. After gathering information and seeking expert advice, you would then make a decision on what the plan should be, right?


So assuming a guy running for the office of President of the United States has done at least as much work to solve a problem as I, a lowly website developer, would do – then why is his solution to not drill and for us to check our tire pressure? THAT is my point here.

When you hire someone for a job, you check their resume and references, right? WE are the voters. The President works for US. WE are hiring the next President of the United States. We owe it to ourselves to look each candidate over well and see what their solutions are to the problems we have. Based on what they say (not just how they make us feel) is how we need to vote. If you think of the U.S. as a business and we are the shareholders (since we definitely are – our futures, our childrens’ futures are at stake), then that is how we need to act. That’s simple to understand.

And don’t even get me started on the whole checking references thing with Obama – yikes. That alone would make anyone skip him and move on to the next candidate. As we’re finding out more and more about Obama, the scarier he is. That’s fine. Keep it up, big media!




There is NOTHING in the Obama energy plan to reduce gas prices or expand supply to help the economy. He has no plan for the problem at hand. This is a good test of a Presidential candidate and Obama is failing.

Ok, so we’re 3% of the world’s population and use 25% of the world’s oil. What’s wrong with that? Why is oil evil? Our culture is more advanced than some others and who is out there always helping other countries when there’s a need? The U.S. We’re not a bad country. We’re not bad people. There is plenty of oil out there. I’ve heard lately about oil being found everywhere and even in soil (Canada is getting rich, by the way) – we just can’t drill for it anymore so yeah, that’s why we need so much. How much oil does it cost to get that oil to us since we can’t drill?

This country runs on oil. That’s not going to change tomorrow. How to products get to stores? Who makes those items? Who drives them there? Who needs them? Americans! This is OUR economy. We (Americans) run it – not the government. WE make things happen. Once you hinder the American people, the whole thing collapses.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Congress took a 5 week vacation instead of taking a vote on energy. Absolutely unacceptable! The Democratic Party is all talk. The American people need some relief and when there are plans on the table, the Democrats refuse to take action on them. They’re not listening to people. What is "democratic" about that? Tell me.

Obama is SO going to lose. This will shock a lot of people. The Democratic Party is in disarray. Obama couldn’t beat Hillary like he needed to, he make John Kerry look like he’s stable on issues with all the flip-flopping he’s doing. And the Democrats running away from solving the main issue with the country right now is not just shooting themselves in the foot, it’s shooting themselves in the heart. People are getting sick of this.





I like how Rush explained oil today. I had this in my head but couldn’t get it out. Let me try again now…

Buying oil isn’t a transfer of wealth, it’s an exchange of wealth if anything. It works just like buying food or anything else we need. I have a car that needs gas. I’m not addicted to buying gas – I don’t rob people for gas money or steal things. I buy something that I need and exchange my money for it. It’s much more worth it for me to buy gas than to push my car. Buying gas for the car gets me where I need to go and thus saves me time and is worth the expense – up to a point. I’m not sure at which point I’d completely have to stop buying gas personally but we’re seeing how higher oil costs and pushing the cost of other items up, so in that regard, we’re taking quite a hit already.

And we’re not funding terrorists. We mainly buy gas from Canada and Mexico. Saudi Arabia is third. I’m not sure where Osama bin Laden appears on that list. Is he listed?

The bad part is when we know that doing more drilling will help with the price and then Congress and Environmentalists hold us back. If drilling is bad, then there should be no drilling, right? No drilling would cease the supply, prices would go up to over $100 per gallon and everything would grint to a halt. No food in the stores, etc. That is what Obama and the Democrats in Congress truly want. They should just keep it up because the American people are getting sick of it – like I said.

Oh, and I’ll never buy or subscribe to Time Magazine anymore because of this idiotic article (and the pop-up ad I got from their site):

The Tire-Gauge Solution: No Joke

Michael Grunwald, you’ve completely sold out. We can clearly see who you work for here. Obama is right? What? Obama said checking tire pressure would completely offset high gas prices. Do the math a second… it’ll save me 3% on gas prices if I have my tires properly inflated (which I do anyway, so this doesn’t even pertain to me – nobody’s bringing up that point… this logic assumes that the entire nation’s tires are under inflated, which is not the case by a long shot since most people visit a Jiffy Lube or Valvoline Instant Oil Change place every 3-4 months where they check that for you).

So I get 33 MPG in my 4-cylinder, 5-speed manual transmission Acura RSX. My tires are properly inflated, but let’s just say they’re not properly inflated and I do get the full, whopping 3% gas mileage savings. So 3% of 33 MPG is 0.99%, so let’s just say 1 more mile per gallon. With a 13 gallon tank, at 32 MPG, I’d get 416 miles. At 33 MPG, I’d get 429 miles. That’s a gain of 13 miles, which is not bad but how much of a savings is that?

So a 13 mile gain on a car that gets 33 MPG is a 39% of 1 gallon of gas. Stay with me here. If gas is $3.80 per gallon, then that’s a savings of $1.48 on a whole tank of gas or $0.11 per gallon. This brings the cost of gas down from $3.80 to $3.69 if I don’t have my tires inflated – but I do, so I don’t get this savings, actually.

Or actually, someone that does not have their tires inflated is overpaying for gas at $3.91 when the price for people with their tires inflated is $3.80. What?? Someone please explain how that’s helping me.

This Obama plan and Time Magazine article are useless. If even a generous 25% of the people out there do not have their tires inflated correctly, that has virtually no effect on gas prices. It would mean that 25% of the people out there are not overpaying $0.11 per gallon. There’s easily a $0.05 cent different in gas prices in any normal, medium sized city. This amount is negligible. Oil prices come from the speculators, not tire pressure gauges!



Rush mentions my point today about how most people aren’t driving around with flat or underinflated tires. :-)

Please do NOT over inflate your tires, people. That’s dangerous. You could have a blowout or not get good traction. Obama’s making it sound like the more you inflate your tires, the better gas mileage you get. That’s not true and very dangerous. Another good reason to not listen to this guy, he’s very dangerous.