Gas Prices Up Since Democrats Control Congress

Gas prices are up 75% since the Democratic Party took control of Congress.

Barak Obama wanted gas prices to go up more gradually.

The Democratic Party doesn’t want to lower gas prices. They’re not listening to their constituents. They have their own agenda.

You’d think that if they wanted to show how they can help, they’d do something now before the election. They can but just don’t want to agree with Republicans and the American people. Their plan is to raise every tax imaginable. They want to run our health care system – since when does anything government ran work well (besides the Post Office, which is actually self-reliant)? Democrats believe in big government, not the American people and it’s easier to spend someone else’s money, right? They’ll spend it.

You want change? With a Democratic President, things will change. Life will get much more expensive, which will give less opportunities for the poor – but oh yeah, the government will take care of them and spend our money on them. How does that help them? It doesn’t. It puts them in a trap that they can’t get out of. We’re getting a preview of this now with the gas prices.

Gas drives up the price of food and lots of other things that use petroleum… and they’re not concerned??

Gut check time.