Storm Damage, Internet Connectivity and Internet Marketing

StormThere were some pretty severe storms that ripped through the U.S. this last weekend. There are millions of people without power, which is a huge problem now with these high temperatures. Reports are that it was basically as bad as a hurrican on land and there was really no warning about it. I’m very thankful for air conditioning, power and my Internet connection. There are millions of people without these things. It’s something they didn’t expect or plan for and it’ll take a while to recover.

I remember this happened last year and maybe the year before… not a huge storm like this but there were blackouts on the East Coast of the U.S. People were without power for a while. During that time, I was in the TKA forums. People were baffled why their website stats dropped suddenly. They were panicing. They thought something happened to their websites or that Google slapped them with some penalty or something. It wasn’t that. It was that several millions of people had no power and no Internet connection. I mentioned that and it seemed to turn the light on in people’s heads and they stopped panicing.

It’s amazing how the ripples of a large power outage reach everywhere. There are people that depend on Internet advertising and revenue… you know, just people clicking on ads. When those ad clickers can’t click ads, revenues go down all over the place. I know that people having an Internet connection is one of the lesser concerns when your whole town has been destroyed, so I’m not trying to downplay that. I just think that, from an Internet marketing perspective, the ripples of the storm can be felt all over the place.

This kind of thing will happen. People will eventually get power and things will return back to normal. If your website traffic has dropped over the weekend, then don’t panic, ok? It might not be what you think. I really hate that Google has such a hold on us that we think the worst and assume the worst. There ARE other factors. It’s not all about Google every time.

Oh, and on the Fourth of July (and most other holidays), people aren’t typically inside glued to their computers. They’re out having fun, so expect lower website traffic on holidays. The best time for Internet traffic, from what I have seen, is snow storms that don’t knock out power. People ARE inside, glued to their computers – except for me… I’m out skiing, baby!

Again, I’m very thankful that I have power and air conditioning now and I pray for the safety and health of those that are stuck in this mess.


40″ HDTV for $299! Dang!

Wow, now that’s a deal… like Black Friday in May or something!

My 40″ HDTV a few years ago was $1000 but it did include a PS3. Still, $299 for an HDTV is darn cheap, people!


So… I Had to Work on My Friend’s Windows Computer Today…

This is what it felt like…

Zoolander… “In the Computer!”

Germz!!! | Myspace Video

Bejeweled 3

Bejeweled 3 is coming soon and looks pretty sweet!


Sam Adams Pint Glass

Samuel Adams Pint GlassOk, they’re maybe a little goofy looking when you first see one but they’re actually very cool. I first saw one at a restaurant that a friend of mine owns. He explained that they were a unique design that Samuel Adams worked on which was supposed to bring out the full flavor of the beer. I ended up doing some website work for him and instead of getting paid, I did a trade for some of these pint glasses. I’m glad I did.

I used them the other night and a friend of mine also liked them. I decided I’d hop online and try to find out the real story behind these Sam Adams pint glasses and here’s what I found:

“It’s been a personal passion of mine to develop a beer glass that elevates the craft beer drinking experience” said Jim Koch, founder and brewer of Samuel Adams. “We wanted to create a glass that offers beer lovers a full sensory drinking experience by fully showcasing Samuel Adams Boston Lager’s complex balance of malt and hop flavors. This glass achieves that mission.”

Tiax, the world-renowned sensory experts, worked closely with Jim to identify and evaluate the functional design features needed in a glass to showcase the key attributes of Samuel Adams Boston Lager®. The key requirements for the perfect glass for Samuel Adams Boston Lager included: delivering sweetness from the malt; maximizing the hops aroma and flavor; maintaining the ideal temperature; supporting a rich and creamy head; and sustaining the right amount of carbonation.

That was from the Sam Adams website. Here’s another:

A detailed look at the Sam Adams beer glass (

He points out that the top of the glass is a tulip shape, much like a traditional Belgian beer glass, which concentrates the aroma for the drinker. The rim of the glass turns outward which creates turbulence as the beer passes over it.

In addition, the bottom of the glass is scored, which creates a nucleation point. The beer sloshing over the depressions etched by a laser releases bubbles of carbonation which rise to the top of the glass, delivering more aroma to the drinker. If you look at the glass from the bottom, you can see a ring of bubbles flowing upward from the scoring, he said.

I looked; it’s true.

Oh yes, the lower half of the glass is narrow, which makes it easy for the beer drinker to hold. Most of the beer is in the tulip-shaped bowl at the top, so your hands won’t warm the beer too much.

“It a glass designed specially for Sam Adams Boston Lager,” Wood said.

And another:

Sam Adams unveils ultimate beer glass (

According to the company, the new Samuel Adams Boston Lager Pint Glass is the first glass specifically designed to showcase beer as brewers intended.

One feature of the new glass is a neck-and-lip design that “helps sustain the head of the beer, which enhances the release of signature Noble hop aromas found in Samuel Adams Boston Lager,” the company said.

Pretty cool… I didn’t know how a glass was shaped could change the flavor or something.

And I found you can also order custom pint glasses. This would be cool if you brewed your own beer at home.


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