My Acura RSX

2002 Acura RSX for Sale

[11/19/12] – Update

It has been sold. She’s coming by to pick it up today. I think she got a great deal – especially with all that I’ve done to it and the great shape it’s in. I just got the front struts done, which was $700 worth of work. She’s also buying the winter tires (smart move).

I wrote up a separate “highlights” document which I didn’t have to pull out and use but it was some extra selling points I wanted to have on hand in case they really started to haggle over the price. I’m including it at the end of this post.

And I want to thank Kent at Genesis Speed Shop for helping me get the old license plates off the back. They were a pain but he knew exactly what to do.

The RSX goes up for sale on Saturday! It gets new struts tomorrow and then a final wash and cleaning Saturday morning. The first one with cash in hand gets it! It’s for sale here in Madison, WI.


More Highlights:

  • Sony Stereo– I could have taken the car back to Best Buy and they would have put the original CD/Radio back in for free (and then I could have sold it on eBay or Craig’s List).The stereo (Sony CDX-GT700HD) was $150 and features:
    • HD Radio
    • MP3 Thumb Drive Input / iPod/iPhone Control
    • CD Player
    • Detachable Faceplate
    • Remote Control
  • Oil Change – I just had one done. This saves you $35.
  • Gas – There’s about a full tank of gas. This saves you another $35.
  • Front Struts – They were just done by my mechanic (less than 25 miles on them) along with an alignment. This was $711 of work.
  • It’s an Acura – This means good quality and good resale value.
  • Sunroof / Moonroof – This is great in the summer, you’ll love it! Keep the shade open in the winter and it helps to warm up the car.
  • K&N Air Filter – This gives you more power and buying the recharge kit is cheaper than buying new air filters all the time.
  • The RSX Club – The Acura RSX is kind of rare and you’ll get waves and thumbs up from other RSX owners that you encounter. I did.
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RSX Seat Covers

My car is a 2002 and I’m at just about 150k now, so the seats are showing signs of age. I searched around and found some seat covers for my RSX that I thought would work well.

I’ve tried the $25 ones at Walmart and they didn’t fit well. Also they didn’t have the cutouts on the side for the side airbags and I’m pretty sure I’ll want those to deploy if I get into an accident. The way to clearly go was with custom seat covers – or get new seats… maybe racing ones that were lighter. The only (big) downside with racing seats is that they’re not comfortable… like, at all. They’re just super light. I can maybe think of other ways to lose some curb weight than the seats.

Anyway, I ended up getting some Coverking custom RSX seat covers. I got the two tone ones with charcoal gray. I figured anything lighter than that would show dirt and stains easily – even though you can easily remove these and wash them because they are a neoprene-like material.


They installed easily. I had them both installed in less than 15 minutes. The only bummer is that I was going to try to put in this auto seat warmer cushion thing I have under it but because the seat covers are in two pieces, I can’t do that – or I at least have to think about it some more. What’s nice about these covers is that they are in two pieces. They have some straps in the middle – meaning, where the seat folds. You can tighten them down really tight, so they fit well. Also, since they’re made for this exact car, they fit really well. Custom seat covers is the way to go.


I think I paid about $150 for the pair. A good deal. Cheaper than new seats for sure. They look good (ok, great) and fit perfectly. There are no bubbles or bulges or anything. That’s important. I noticed that I am kind of used to sliding into the seat when I get in. I’m used to the original RSX seats, which are actually kind of slippery. With these covers on, it’ll be better when I go to the track because it’ll keep me in place better – so another plus!

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1988 Toyota MR2 Supercharged for Sale

The 1988 MR2 is for Sale!

Yes, it’s time. I don’t want to store it another winter, so I need to sell it during the summer. It’s tough to sell it. I get compliments on it all the time. We were out last night downtown and I was getting compliments left and right. The car is stunning!

I don’t know how long it’ll last! Make an offer now!


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2012 Ford Focus

Ford Focus Wagon 2012

I saw one of these on the road the other day. It was the Ford Focus wagon Platinum edition and it was yellow. It looked pretty darn cool! I thought that it would be a fun car to take out on the track. Ford seems to be coming up with some better design lately and they are also more reliable than they used to be as well – go Ford! I believe they didn’t take any government money either, so go Ford again!

Here’s some pictures of the one I made online. I forgot the price but it was near $30k. For me, I’d rather almost get a used Lotus Elise for that much cash, so I don’t plan on getting one but here’s the one I would get.

I really like the lines. Very aero-dynamic looking and it looks tough, too. With the interior, they’ve done a nice job with that as well and I like the options available. Whatever my next car is, it will have to have heated seats – for sure. A must-have in Wisconsin, I think. Just watch, I’ll get that and then move to Arizona or something. :-)

I do look forward to seeing more of these on the road – and I do like the 5-door sport wagon more than the coupe for some reason. More sporty looking – it probably has a higher center of gravity though.


A Lamborghini for my Birthday!

Lamborghini Superleggera 

Well, I turned the big 4-0 this year. I figured I have to do something fun and Las Vegas came to mind. My brother, Mike, and I spent 3 nights in Vegas and took Saturday to go out to the Exotics Raceway where you can take some exotic cars out on the track.

The whole thing takes about 2 hours. They register you and then you have a half hour briefing. From there, you get two discovery laps in groups of 3 or 4 as the instructor takes you out on the track in a Porsche Cayenne. You then get a helmet and wait your turn to hit the track in the car you picked (some cars are more per lap than others). I had 5 laps in a Lamborghini Superleggera LP570 (looks kind of like a Stealth fighter, sorta):

Lamborghini Superleggera

Lamborghini Superleggera LP570n
Engine: 5.2L V10
Gearbox: 6-speed E-Gear
Power: 570 hp at 8,000 RPM
Torque: 539 Nm
Top Speed: 202mph
Acceleration: 0-60mph in 3.4s
Market Value: $265,000

That’s the fastest car they had there. It was pretty sweet to say the least. The interior was more comfortable than I expected even though that car is meant for the track (not the road) and most of the "niceties" have been stripped out. It’s paddle shift. The paddles stay in place and don’t turn with the wheel – unlike other paddle shift cars I’ve driven but that makes sense. You don’t want to shift and upset the balance of the car when the tires are not straight. The V10 engine is computer controlled and the car takes care of downshifting for you – so no double clutching required – nice! With that kind of power, we were only really shifting from like 4th down to 3rd and back up to 4th again once we got onto the track. There was definitely a wide range of power to work with.

Lamborghini Superleggera 

As I drove, the instructor was barking out commands but what he said made sense and I was glad he did that. He was good. I passed two cars out there and the straightaways were really fun as you got to just floor it. I think it got up to 110 or more but you could hardly tell in that car. I think going something like 50 in that car would really feel like you’re going nowhere.

Here’s the video of the experience which has a camera at the top of the windshield (so it’s close to the view I had) and an inset video of me driving it. The instructor is barking out commands of what to do, which was helpful. I’m pretty sure that the 2nd car I passed (orange Lamborghini) was my brother:

It was really fun. A good experience. I’d do it again but I’d definitely want to do 10 laps or more – for sure!