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Yes, Madison Has a Bike Stoplight

I think they completed it in the last week or so. I got to use it on Sunday.

It’s weird.

It’s a separate signal for bicyclists. There’s even a bike symbol in the red, yellow and green lights. I have a picture of it. I got stuck behind some slow guy and it turned really quickly, so that’s why it’s showing red – it just went from yellow to red.



Anyway, so in addition to special lanes for bikes, million dollar bike paths and multi-million dollar bridges for bikes across roads, we now have this bike stoplight. In-sane! I guess Madison needs to be the most bicycle-friendly city in the Unites States and then take up ten more notches.

I mean, it’s nice to have some of this stuff because I do bike for fun but… really?

Here’s an article explaining it some more:

Chris Rickert: Intersection’s message to motorists: Pedal on! (

Even in bike-friendly cities such as Madison, that’s still pretty uncommon. City officials could point to only one other such crossing in the U.S. (In Portland, Ore., of course — the only place that’s even more Madison than Madison.)

Go home, Madison… you’re drunk!


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Madison WI Teacher and State Worker Protests

I went down to the Capitol later in the afternoon yesterday. It was about 4pm or so. It seemed pretty calm. I took some pictures and shot some video with my phone. You can see it here.

Madison it a protest city. I believe there are people hanging around just waiting to protest something – anything. One small spark ignites the whole thing and puts the machine in motion. Days like this are like a holiday for them or something. You can just sense it in the atmosphere. What a strange place this is.




How do you tell if a protester is from Wisconsin? They call it "Wesconsin" instead of "Wisconsin." :-)


Democrats Want To Raise WI Beer Tax… Just Because

First of all, raising the beer tax in Wisconsin just seems sacrilege. But, that aside, some reasons for it seem to be "just because" and I think that’s weak.

Berceau, Risser propose bill to raise Wisconsin beer tax (

She added, “My bill proposes that we add a tax on beer because that is priced at the third lowest in the nation … [and] beer is the alcohol of choice for the binge drinker.”

Just because it’s the third lowest in the nation… weak.

We just know that the Wisconsin Government is just going to take that money to balance the budget and it’s not going to go toward programs to help alcoholics. We’ve seen Governor Doyle highly raise taxes on cigarettes, people stopped buying them (isn’t that the idea?) and so tax revenue went down, actually, and they he used that money to "balance" the budget – which was an epic fail. One reason to tax thing is so that people stop using that product, but the Democrats in Wisconsin don’t think that way at all and just want control and tax revenue.

Another reason is "just because" it hasn’t been raised since 1969. Oh, since we haven’t raised taxes in a while, we need to! That is the reason? What??

The bills propose to increase the Wisconsin beer tax from $2 per barrel to $10
per barrel. WOW! That’s too huge. There’s no way that will pass and you don’t increase it that much. Get real. Five times as much? You have to be kidding. Try from $2 to $3 first.

This is the third time Terese Berceau has brought this bill up. I guess she can keep trying but this is Wisconsin… hel-lo? Berceau’s district is 76, which is a good portion of Madison – not my neighborhood though. So keep this in mind the next time y’all vote. She’s putting through absurd legislation and wasting our time. We pay for her time.


Train in Madison, WI

I don’t think people get what this train is all about. We don’t need to pay another $1 billion in taxes for nothing. Spend it on roads. And the cost won’t end in one year. This will be forever. It will cost money. LOTS of money. Check the facts on the train.

We’re talking 8,000 stops per day in a city that’s already congested because it has 4 lakes in the middle of it. What about that makes any sense?

This is about land use. The Dane County board wants more control over where we all live, can move and can build on. This train project gives them that control that they want. This is not about helping you. It’s about helping them.

The whole county will pay. Cities not even using it will pay. That’s hardly fair. Right there, red flags should be raised in your mind. This RTA (regional taxing authority) is made up of non-elected people who have the power to raise your taxes. That’s completely unconstitutional!

The Dane County Board must think we’re all idiots or something. Well, we’re not. We can see a bad idea like this 6 miles away.

Trains do NOT work well in other cities. Look at the pictures.

The bottom line is we’re not Chicago. We’re Madison. There is no more room downtown. There is no problem of people trying so hard to get on the busses that our bus system can’t handle them. Not at all. If that were the problem and we couldn’t get more busses on the road, then I’d be all for the train. No doubt. We’re nowhere near even having to be concerned about that. The city just raised the bus fare because not enough people were using it.

We have high taxes already – and I’m not just talking property taxes. We get taxed high everywhere on all kinds of taxes and Wisconsin has the highest rates. So how does that bring new businesses into our area? Yeah, that’s not happening.

This has to be stopped.


I’m Voting Mistele!

Since I’ve become a home owner back in 2006, I’ve paid a LOT more attention to politics. You start really seeing your property tax bill and it’s a shocker – versus living in an apartment, where you’d still paying property tax but you don’t see it.

And lately, it seems like politicians everywhere are drinking the Kool-aid and passing insane policies. I wonder if I’m still living in America.

Although the Federal Government is doing crazy things, what’s even more important are local elections. You’ve got the Governor, County Executive and Mayor that really matter when it comes to your property tax money. So since we’re all paying property taxes in some way, these local elections should matter a lot.

  • Do you want to vote for a candidate that wants to put in a billion dollar train between Middleton and Burke and have the whole county pay for it while only a few people use it?
  • Do you want to vote for a candidate that keeps running for other offices while she’s your County Executive?
  • Do you want to vote for a candidate that doesn’t pay enough attention to public safety to the point where emergency 911 calls get ignored and people die?

If you’ve answered "no" to these common sense questions, then vote Nancy Mistele and get Kathleen Falk out of our lives.