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Dear Apple, Why Did You Slow Down my Computer?

Dear Apple,

Thank you for the latest update and making it free – but why did you give me an update that slows… everything… down?

Mail is slower, the Desktop/Finder is really slow. Changing apps is slow. I’m a power user and now I’m sitting here waiting for everything.


How do I disable the slowness?


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Some iOS 7 Help

ios7I’ve installed iOS 7 on my iPhone 4s and on my iPad 2. I like it for the most part. I’ve been running across some helpful articles and thought I’d post them here for others who may be looking for help:

And then watch for software updates. Often with a new release like this, some things are found right away. There seems to be a lock screen bypass flaw that’s being worked on. This is why some people say to wait before going to a major upgrade like this – of any kind, not just phones. I guess I’m more of a risk taker.

I like how they improved the “Find my iPhone” system. It seems to be permanently embedded in the phone. It cannot be deactivated unless you put in your iCloud password. So, just make sure that password isn’t easy and you should be able to find your iPhone at any time… as long as it’s on and in range of a cell tower. I wonder if this will decrease the number of iPhone thefts.


I’m Still a Big Apple Fan and Hate Microsoft

apple-logoOk, “hate” is kind of strong… I’m very frustrated. Microsoft is backwards.

So I had to work with Bing Places today – which is like Bing’s (Microsoft’s) version of Google Places. It’s SO clunky. It’s frustrating. I’m trying to upload a logo and they seem to want an image that’s 80×80 pixels to show but then won’t let you upload one that size or one that’s proportional. It’s this whole “Microsoft Way” of doing things that hasn’t changed at all. They act like they’re the boss and things have to be done their way or the highway. They’re not interested in making things easy and wonder why they’re not doing as well as they used to.

They’re not doing as well because Apple has come on strong and shown that there’s a better way of doing things. Apple is more intuitive… there’s nothing you need to “learn” to get right into their products and software – it just makes sense.

Microsoft just wants you to do it their way because their way is best… or so they think. Years ago, that’s all their was – just Windows 95. That’s the only platform you could software for. Then Windows XP came around like what, 8 years later? It was finally ok and usable. We all had to adapt and learn the Microsoft way of doing things and that’s how the world operated. Then came the iPhone and newer versions of OS X and things just changed… forever.

I was talking to someone this weekend and they were talking about how their Samsung Galaxy 4 phone was great. Sure, I admit – that looks like a nice phone. The screen is bigger and the features are good. I’m still standing by Apple though.

What I like about Apple:

  • My contacts stay in sync. I add someone to my phone and they’re added on my laptop and tablet (iPad).
  • The same with bookmarks (if I use Safari) and calendar.
  • All my photos are in one library.
  • All my music is synched up on all devices.
  • It’s their software running on their hardware and that means less crashes (hardly any at all).
  • Devices boot up quickly.
  • It just makes sense.

I cringe when I am forced to help someone configure Outlook or find their settings on their PC. I look at it and it makes no sense at all. I feel like the people using Microsoft products are somehow getting dumber by using them:


Seriously, that’s what it’s like.

Google is good, too. They’re more on the Apple side of the world where things make sense. I don’t like Google’s monopoly on search – which could be another, separate blog post I guess – and that’s the only place I favor Bing (Microsoft) a little. Their search results are better sometimes.

[end rant]

Ok, back to trying to figure out – wish me luck!


UPDATE: After finally getting the profile how I wanted it, I got this error and had to start over:



Wget for Mac

I had wget installed a while ago (even after curl replaced it) but then it stopped working. I missed it… like a lot. I finally took the time today to try to get it working. I tried a few things but here’s what worked:

wget for Mac (

It works!

After installing it, I had to remove older versions I had installed. I simply did this command:

which wget

and then did a “sudo” to remove those old ones. I restarted Terminal with a new session, too, and then it started working. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

What I use wget for is diagnosing http headers and investigating how website redirects are working. It’s great – it spits out exactly what is going on. What a great tool! I haven’t seen curl do that.

Re-Doing My Email Filters

For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to clear out a lot of the email filters I had set up for filtering out what I call “Probably Junk” (all email that can wait until later). I’m spending time setting up the filters again now. I guess I wanted to reorganize them and I thought that some were old.

One other thing I’m doing is unsubscribing to a lot of these lists that I was on. So that part feels good, at least.

In the end, I’ll have less email to deal with, so I suppose it’s a good thing to go through this now. It’ll save me time in the long run. Also, my filters will be more organized in case I need to find a filter and adjust it – that will be easier.

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 1.51.10 PMSpam and Junk Email Filtering

I’m using Apple Mail on a Mac (of course). It’s a good program and works well along with SpamSieve. If you get a lot of spam and use a Mac, definitely get SpamSieve! It’s relatively easy to set up – just follow their instructions or get your local geek to help you (it’s not too bad at all). They even have a free trial, so give it a try.