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Copps / BP Fuelperks in Madison

I’m trying out Copps instead of Woodman’s for a little while since Copps (Roundy’s) has the Fuelperks rewards program. You can redeem your discount on gas at local BP gas stations. I went to the Fuelperks website and registered my account there and it listed the Madison, WI BP stations that participate in the Fuelperks program.

I’ve made a table below of all of them, sorted by ZIP code so that it’s easy to see which ones are close to you. I also made a Google Map, which is below. It’s a lot of stations, so I’d guess it’s all of them in the Madison, WI area but you can check the Fuelperks website to be sure – and use the Copp’s website:

Do Not Use the List Below Anymore – They seemed to have switched from BP to Shell. For the best results, go to the Fuelperks website.




BP Gas Station
BP6293898 – County Rd N 2763 County Rd N Cottage Grove WI 53527 608-877-0525
BP6253249 – County Hwy V 4905 County Hwy V De Forest WI 53532 608-846-5874
BP6289185 – Steven Drive 3898 Steven Drive De Forest WI 53532 608-242-7802
BP7776776 – 781 S Main 781 S Main St De Forest WI 53532 608-846-2300
BP6576185 – Larson Beach Rd 4800 Larson Beach Rd McFarland WI 53558 608-838-4915
BP7694433 – Burma Rd 4701 Burma Rd McFarland WI 53558 608-838-4222
BP6253025 – 6504 University 6504 University Ave Middleton WI 53562 608-836-1090
BP7778111 – Janesville Street 56 Janesville Street Oregon WI 53575 608-835-7877
BP8307035 – 1009 W Main 1009 W Main St Stoughton WI 53589 608-873-9982
BP7777550 – Tower Drive 9 Tower Drive Sun Prairie WI 53590 608-837-0406
BP7777667 – Windsor St 1706 Windsor St Sun Prairie WI 53590 608-837-7522
BP7776883 – County Road M 5305 County Road M Waunakee WI 53597 608-849-7125
BP6553663 – E Commercial 2301 E Commercial Madison WI 53701 608-244-5880
BP6253462 – 735 E Washington 735 E Washington Madison WI 53703 608-255-2477
BP6356828 – Williamson St 1130 Williamson St Madison WI 53703 608-217-6512
BP6300198 – Atwood Ave 2801 Atwood Ave Madison WI 53704 608-244-9936
BP8976870 – Packers Ave 3510 Packers Ave Madison WI 53704 608-241-3221
BP6253801 – 5445 University 5445 University Ave Madison WI 53705 608-238-0200
BP6254551 – Speedway 3734 Speedway Madison WI 53705 608-233-8988
BP6253355 – Verona Road 4501 Verona Road Madison WI 53711 608-274-3439
BP6254239 – Schroeder Rd 6202 Schroeder Rd Madison WI 53711 608-274-3377
BP6869564 – Mohawk Drive 4345 Mohawk Drive Madison WI 53711 608-271-8632
BP6254346 – 2932 Fish Hatchery 2932 Fish Hatchery Madison WI 53713 608-274-3540
BP6252910 – S Park Street 318 S Park Street Madison WI 53715 608-255-0600
BP6356349 – Pflaum Road 1412 Pflaum Road Madison WI 53715 608-221-1611
BP6253793 – 4222 E Washington 4222 E Washington Madison WI 53716 608-244-4577
BP8224453 – Eastpark Blvd 5551 Eastpark Blvd Madison WI 53718 608-240-0865
BP6252803 – S Gammon Road 699 S Gammon Road Madison WI 53719 608-277-1888
BP6985287 – 2216 University 2216 University Ave Madison WI 53726 608-233-9975
BP6302400 – James Street 2200 James Street Columbus WI 53925 920-623-9740


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So gas prices here are now $1.99 per gallon. That’s less than half of what it was earlier this year… like 4 months ago.

Oh yeah, the Government bailed out the gas companies, that’s why. Remember that?



3 Percent / 25 Percent

You know, I’m sick of this whiney Obama "we have 3%of the world’s oil reserves and use 25% of the world’s oil" line!

Good for us!

We’re the most advanced nation in the history of the world. We have money that we trade for gas. With that gas, we gain a profit. Putting $30 of gas in my car is worth it to me. I’d rather do that than walk up to Portage and back. I trade my money for gas. Gas gets me to work to make more money, gets me to places I need and want to go. How is that bad? We pay for (invest in) something that we get more value out of than we pay for it. Awesome. That’s how it’s supposed to work. It’s a win-win.

Drill now to bring up the supply, down the price and everything that needs to be transported (like food) is cheaper. The market works!

Yeah, we should look at alternatives to help bring that price down. I’m all for that.It’s better for us. But to look at us as bad for turning a profit is crazy and tells me that Obama doesn’t get how an economy works. He’s inexperienced and can’t be trusted.


Fuel Prices Fall, Tires Inflated?

People must finally be following Obama’s plan to lower fuel prices by keeping their tires inflated. After all, that is what drives the worldwide commodities markets. What a smart guy.


Obama Was Against Drilling Before He Was For It

In the first debate, Obama said he was for offshore drilling. Before that, he was for tire gauges and never for offshore drilling. His party is against it too.


I guess if you’re Obama, you just say what sounds good at the time. All talk, no walk. That’s not "slick" at all, it’s sick… sick that he doesn’t know what he stands for. Look this up people – this post isn’t "spin" and not a lie or anything. It’s true. You can’t make this stuff up. Obama keeps getting funnier and funnier. He’s totally unelectable.

Ok, changing your mind when the facts change is one thing, but this is a big flip flop when you’re just so blatently against something and then for it. He does not pander to what polls say or he does not listen to the American people – which is it? A President should know the difference, I’d think.