The MR2 is Alive!

It’s even dirty here and looks good.

I guess I have to confess to hooking up the jumper cables the wrong way this spring when it needed a jump. In my defense, the battery IS under the intercooler and I haven’t had the car that long. Anyway, it sat all spring because I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with it.

I checked a bunch of things out and any kind of electrical problem with a car is just a pain in the butt to deal with. The fuses were fine. I even bought a used fuse box and wiring on eBay. Finally, the plan was to get the cart put back together so that I could get it over to the dealer. I was out in the RSX and heading to the car wash when I heard a mechanic from Smart Toyota in Madison was on WIBA (AM) taking questions. What the heck, right?

I called and got on the air in just a minute or two. I told him that the car was stored and what I did. He said he’d like me to bring that car in for service or for a trade in just so that he could drive it! He then said to look at a wiring diagram and check out the fusible link. I even then talked with him a minute or so off the air. I was the last call they took about cars this morning apparently – so I just got in.

I had heard about this fuse on the positive battery connection before but looked and could not find it. After checking out a wiring diagram and doing some online searching, I found that it was there – probably less than 6 inches from the connection terminal. Ok, I’ll look again. I un-did a bunch of tape and bam – there it was. It was broken. That meant that it burnt away like it was supposed to. I got a new one at the store – which is basically just a piece of wire and then got it in there. A turn of the key and – wow, I had power again!

I put the rest of the car back together (intercooler, etc.) and it started right up – as strong as ever. I went for a joy ride. Man, that car has a lot of power for just 4 cylinders. Amazing. I’d love to take it to the track. I just might. It needs brake work and maybe some help with the suspension but the power is definitely there and it was be really fun on the track. I’m glad I have both a front wheel drive and a rear wheel drive option for the track.

I told my parents that I was really happy it was running again. I have 3 vehicles – the RSX, the MR2 and a scooter. The scooter and the MR2 were not running, so having 2 out of 3 vehicles not working was kind of bumming me out. I’m very happy.