Test Driving the ’09 Acura TSX

I’ve got the RSX in the shop for a few things today, so they gave me this 2009 Acura TSX to drive around in today.

I like it. It’s a new car, what’s not to love, right? I think I like the Acura TL better, but that’s a higher price tag. If money were a factor, I’d go with the TSX because I don’t think there’s a huge difference between the two and you save like $5k or more.

The TSX has 201 horsepower versus the TL with 258 horse. So there’s a power difference and that is one thing that I noticed. I think my 2002 Acura has 160 horse standard, although mine is probably around 170 horse with the K&N filter. The RSX is also manual transmission, so that seems to give it more get up and go power – or at least make it more fun.

The TL that I drove had the feature where you can go into a quasi-manual mode and shift gears yourself. This TSX does not have that feature. Maybe it’s available or maybe that’s just available in the TL. I’d either want that feature or I’d actually prefer a manual transmission.

But it has all the nice, luxury features that you’d expect in an Acura like power seats with memory, a nice stereo with command center like consol, dual auto climate control, etc. etc.

So I’m enjoying it. I’ll have to go out for lunch here and "test drive" it a little more. :-)


Update: I took it out for lunch and noticed that it does have shift paddles if you go into "S" mode with the shifter (standard?). I don’t like it though because the car does still take control of it at certain times and if you’re turning, it’s hard to paddle shift. So, nice try.

What else? Oh, it has a USB power port, which is cool and it heated seats… plus some other buttons which I have no idea what they’re for – I didn’t want to get ejected out of my seat, so I didn’t push them. :-)