Test Driving the ’09 Acura TSX – Part III

I had the RSX in for a sensor and an oil change today. They had to order the part, so I got another 2009 Acura TSX overnight. I got to take this one on the highway more since I had to go up to Portage for a ski clinic last night.

So this is the 3rd installment in my TSX test driving adventures. I think they really want to sell me one of these. The other posts:

Being wintertime, I really enjoyed the heated seats! I’ve never had a car with that feature before and am seriously thinking of making it a necessary feature on the next car I get. I’m not a huge fan of the electronic rear view mirror. You can’t move it up like on other cars but It seemed to have adjusted itself for nighttime. It got sort of bluer or something. It did cut down the glare, but I actually prefer the old way – and that’s just one more thing that can break.

I did some more paddle shifting. I’m still not a fan of it though. When you turn, it’s hard to shift. It’s alright on straight runs. I love stick shift, so this definitely did not compare. It is nice to drive automatic once in a while, so having the option is nice. If I lived in a metro area like Chicago, I’d have to ditch the stick shift and get automatic. So I prefer the way they do it in the 2009 Acura TL.

Since I did more night driving this time, I noticed that the xeon lights, although really bright, just didn’t give enough light down the road – especially on the road up to the ski hill. It just cuts off and goes from really bright to dark. I found myself looking farther ahead than where the light ended and that was really dark. I don’t have that problem with the normal headlights on my RSX. I love when they come on though, it’s like you lit a gas torch or something.

It didn’t have GPS navigation but that’s ok. The stereo and computer are pretty cool. It gives you a lot of info and the menu is easy to use although the display is really boring and you have to get used to it at first and figure out what each number means. Acura should get a designer involved more with that as it could be done better.

I remembered that there was no gas door button this time. Last time I searched the whole car for it instead of just trying to open the door – doh!

I love the acceleration and the car, again, is just very comfortable. Very me. Everything is where you’d expect it. The memory seat positions are cool, too. And did I mention I like the heated seats??

The RSX is running better. I got it back this morning. It was just a sensor, but it was figuring out how to mix the air and gas, so I should see my gas mileage improve again. I was just thinking the other day how I used to get better gas mileage – like 400 miles per tank. I had been in the 340 range for a while now but I also have the snow tires on, so that could have made a big difference in gas mileage.

Oh, and a noise I thought the transmission was making was actually just the snow tires. I took a mechanic out on a test drive and we figured that out. Those things are really loud, wow. They get ya through the snow though. I’m glad I put them on.