Test Driving the ’09 Acura TSX – Part Deux

Well, I have the RSX in the shop at Zimbrick Acura for some work on the clutch (doh!). Since it’s taking a few days, they gave me a loaner. I’ve had this car before but not this much time to enjoy it, so here’s my more extensive review of the 2009 Acura TSX.

This 201 horsepower model is nice and quick. I’m used to manual transmission, so having to wait a half a second for the transmission to react isn’t what I’m used to but it’s normal for any automatic transmission car. It does downshift well and give you what you want. The paddle shifters, I found, do work in normal, drive mode and it’s fun to use them once in a while. I’d still prefer shifting on the console.

Even my Acura has some nice, "welcome home" kind of features like the lights dimming off and the radio fading up when the car starts. There’s a new one, I happen to notice in the TSX and probably other newer Acuras. It lowers the volume of the radio slightly as you show down to a stop and brings it back up once the car starts getting back up to speed.

In general, it’s a very nice car. There’s not much I don’t like about it. It’s very comfortable. The auto memory seat position is nice. The manual says that it has driver recognition, which I imagine has to do with the remote entry fobs. It must know which one is which or something.

I’d love to own a car like this someday. I think it suits me.

Enjoy the pictures.


2009 Acura TSX - front