2012 Honda Civic Tail Lights Fail

I saw a 2012 Honda Civic sedan on the road the other day. My heart sunk.

The front is cool. I’m not too crazy about the little bar thing in the window by the mirror. But the taillights – they are totally different. It’s not even a Civic anymore if you ask me. It now looks like every other car out there:

I’m disappointed. Ok, they do look more like the coupe’s lights but still… so much like every other car on the road these days.

I really love the 2011 Civic:


I would love to snag one of these (yes, the 4 door but with the rear spoiler) and muscle it up / do some mods. That would be great. I’d take it to the track for sure.

I love Hondas, a lot. I think the styling we’re seeing lately is proving that we’re in the middle of some "off years" until they get a slap in the face and get back to being who they really are.


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