2009 Hyundai Genesis

The 2009 Car of the Year is the Hyundai Genesis. This was announced at the beginning of the Detroit Auto Show a few days ago. I’ve seen commercials for it and I was surprised that this was a Hyundai. I thought it was a Lexus or something. It looks nice. It looks like a Lexus from the front and a BMW from the back. the Genesis Coupe looks like a Honda Accord Coupe. If I somehow end up going to the Chicago Auto Show this year (I used to go but now I ski quite a bit), then I’ll definitely check it out. I’d consider buying this car.

2009 Car of the Year: Hyundai Genesis
Luxury Hyundai takes prestigious award as the 2009 Detroit Auto Show kicks off. F-150 wins for trucks.

The Hyundai Genesis won the prestigious Car of the Year Award Sunday at the start of media preview days for the 2009 Detroit Auto Show. The redesigned Ford F-150 won the Truck of the Year award.

It seems to me what Hyundai has done in maybe the last 8-10 years is copy the design of other cars. I’ve seen elements of Saabs, Jaguars and the Honda Accord in their car designs. It’s hard to tell a Hyundai Sonata and Honda Accord apart sometimes. I think doing this is fine. Why not? "It’s what people want" (to borrow a line from Volkswagon) and that’s good business. Chevrolet has their own, same kind of design/style. You can look at a car and know it’s a Chevy even without seeing the logo on it. That’s fine. That’s how it’s maybe "supposed" to be. I personally think the Chevy design isn’t all that good. It looks old. Honda has its own type of design, too, but the difference is that Hondas look cool, new and modern. So Hyundai breaks some marketing rules buy not having consistent design but hey, it works. Their cars look great.

My folks traded in their Chevy Trailblazer last year for a Hyundai Sonata. I’ve driven the car a few times now and I like it. I’m a big Honda / Acura fan, so it felt comfortable to me. Hyundai has a great warranty and their cars are popular. They’ve really changed their image and they’re building cars that people want. That’s just good business and makes sense for an economy like we’re in right now. Good job, Hyundai!

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