When You’re a Jet

So Brett Favre is now a Jet. Well, I’m disappointed and I find this whole thing kind of stupid. Brett just made the mistake of retiring too early. Maybe he felt too pressured to make that decision at that time. You can’t judge someone unless you walk a mile in their shoes I guess. I’ll miss him on the Packers for sure.

I just think though that if you end up 1 game away from the Super Bowl, you don’t go and change a key component like the quarterback. The Packers are taking a huge risk with a freshman quarterback. He could suck. This could be a terrible season for the Packers. I hope not. I just think that we deserved another year with Brett at QB.

Madden 09 - FavreI don’t know how many people have noticed, but Madden ’09  shows Brett Favre on the cover. That’s kind of strange, I think, since Brett decided to retire back in what? March? Oops. That just shows you how much a part of the NFL Brett Favre is and what his status is.

Go Pack!



Update: Here’s an old article but still funny:


Brett Favre Demands Trade To 1996 Packers

We still miss Reggie White. :-)



Update: Yes, others have noticed that Favre is on the cover of Madden ’09 and they also mention the "Madden Curse" where every player on the cover has become injured or seen a big decline in their performance. Maybe the Packers knew what they were doing after all.

Favre Featured As A Packer On Cover Of Madden NFL 09

Can Favre beat the curse?


Update: Let’s watch this "Madden Curse" thing. Here’s maybe some indication of if it may come true or not for Favre:

 Favre says arm feeling ‘fatigued,’ will ask for fewer throws in afternoon