Told Ya So

I just thought of a good "I told you so" from a while back. I’m not one to brag, really but seeing I was right here is just kind of reassuring to me that I’m in the right business doing things the right way…

At a former, unnamed employer of mine, the CEO stomped into my office (that’s the way he walked, which was good because you knew if he was coming up behind you or not – well, that and the look of terror on everyone’s faces) and said that he wanted some links changed on the website to read "click here" instead of just linking the product name. I disagreed and said that that’s not how hypertext is supposed to be used but he insisted.

In the last few years, we find out that Google pays more attention to the words you link up as hypertext (keywords) and thus ranks the page you’re pointing to higher for that particular keyword. For example, the link: cars links to my cars section of the site. So, just think if they would have left things how I had them and followed my thinking 10 years ago. How many more sales would they have had via the web?

Which brings up another wrong thing he said. He said – and I quote, "We will never do sales over the web site!" Well, they’re doing it now. My idea… where’s my check? :-)

One more, same guy… he stomped in another day and he had me remove the word "christen" from the web site, which I had put there to describe the opening of their new building, which I took pictures of and posted on the site (this was months later, actually). He didn’t want it there because "we’re Jewish". Well, Hebrew, it doesn’t actually directly refer to Jesus Christ. Jesus’ name is actually just "Jesus". "Christo" means "dedicated one". So Jesus is the dedicated one, but to christen something is just to dedicate it and has no necessary religious affiliation associated with it – namely, Christianity.

Ok, that’s one guy and 3 times I now say, "I told you so!"

Too bad I didn’t know then what I know now. :-)


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