Time to Make that Resolution – in September

Check out this article:

It's official, Americans are fatter than ever

It says: " Americans are fatter than ever, a shocking study has revealed.


In just a year obesity rates have shot up across the country.

Thirty-one of the 50 US states now have more fat residents than a year ago and none of the others showed a decline in obesity rates."

Than just one year ago. Whoa!

It says this, too: "People who are overweight are at an increased risk for diabetes, heart problems and other chronic diseases that contribute to greater health care costs."


Ok, I'll admit that I've put on a few pounds since I turned 30. When you're sitting at a computer all day, it's hard for that not to happen. But that's why there are gyms and stuff. It takes work and I've been starting on it already and plan to continue. I say let's encourage each other to do better and get into shape.

Here's another link if you need it – they have a cool web site: The Princeton Club . You may see me there.