“They’re Out There!”

OK, it’s kind of morbid to think of this now but I’ve noticed a phrase I’ve been saying which, so far, fits me and one that’d I’d want on my tombstone (if I were to die tomorrow). That phrase is, "They’re out there."

I think this phrase is very versatile and can be used so many ways. For me, I’ve first started using it to help deal with all the bad drivers out there. There’s no use in trying to help of all them because it’s just too big a task and one that could never be done. There are bad drivers out there, you’re going to encounter them and there’s really nothing I (or you) can do about them, so it’s just easy enough to acknowledge their existence by saying "They’re out there."

Some examples:

  • Bad drivers (already mentioned).
  • People that need God.
  • Evil forces.
  • Corrupt government officials.
  • Annoying people.
  • Politicians.
  • Osama.
  • and so on

Try it out for yourself.

This may change over time, but for now this phrase is working for me.