The Tivo’s Fried

Last Friday as the storms rolled though, we had a power outage and the power was out when I got home from work. When it came on, I had to go through and reset all the digital clocks, of course, and noticed the Tivo booting up. I even brought the projector home from work and was going to watch the movie, I am Legend, which I downloaded from Amazon Unbox onto my Tivo. But the Tivo kept booting up and never started working. I just got the "Powering Up" screen.

Later, it started clicking. Uh oh. Yeah, one of the hard drives is fried. I should have had a surge suppressor on it instead of just a power strip. Duh. It’s my own fault then, I guess.

So now I’m lost without that thing. You get so used to it and it had a bunch of shows I wanted to watch and the movie I paid for.

I’m not sure if I’ll just order a replacement drive or another refurbished unit or try to go without it for a while and then get the HD one in anticipation of an HD set. Decisions, decisions.

Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion!