The Charter Bundle

At home, we’ve got Charter for our cable TV and internet. The internet is good speed and runs well – compared to just a few years ago. We have it in my roommate’s name since I found out the hard way that it’s good to have some of the bills in his name in case there are problems.

Anyway, since we both have cell phones there was no need to get this "bundle" which included residential phone service. The fun part was watching all of these offers come in the mail for this"bundle." Charter BundleThe offers would go from $99 one week to $128 the next. Every single time we’d get an offer for this, it would be a different price. There’s NO WAY I would buy something that varies this much in price. Today, I see it’s down to $69.97 per month. What the heck?

Searching around the web, I found a few pages of people who don’t seem very happy with the Charter Bundle. It’s no wonder why:

I know my parents had some problem with billing from them, too. Apparently, they’re not alone.

And they’re not carrying the Big Ten Network or NFL Network either – even after people complained. I think the governor even sent a letter.

Charter is clearly not interested in good customer service. Watching them change prices like this is kind of hilarious, but also really sad when you think of all the people that are in it, not sure if they’re being ripped off or not. I know Vicki McKenna promotes them on WIBA – and that’s her job, but if I were her I’d refuse to do ads for them and save my reputation and integrity.