Starbucks Dark Barrel Latte

Please Bring This to Wisconsin!

Columbus, OH is just too far to drive. I want to try it!

Starbucks is brewing a new Dark Barrel Latte that tastes like Guinness (

Forget pumpkin spice! Well, at least try to, since everything this season tastes (kinda) like a pumpkin — Starbucks is testing out a new flavored latte with stout-like flavors, called the Dark Barrel Latte, and it’s supposed to taste just like a cold glass of Guinness. There isn’t any actual alcohol in the latte, but it’s got a shot of caramel syrup and a shot of a new syrup, “stout”, which has an almost chocolatey “roasted malt” flavor, according to Starbucks corporate, so it’s close enough to the real thing that you’ll feel like you’re at the pub.


Starbucks tests coffee with beer taste (

Starbucks is testing a so-called Dark Barrel Latte in a “handful” of stores in Ohio and Florida, says spokeswoman Lisa Passe. The Dark Barrel Latte is made with espresso and topped with whipped cream and dark caramel drizzle and comes blended with a “chocolaty stout flavored sauce,” she says.

No beer. No alcohol. But don’t tell that to some folks who — love it or hate it — have lit up Twitter.

“This Dark Barrel Latte from Starbucks tastes just like beer & I might be in love,” tweeted Nina Amicantonio.


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